Electronic Press Kit – April 13, 2022
A New Single by the 88Freqs.

Musical Genre


Full song from SoundCloud. Video below.

Meaning of The Music of The Sunflower Child

This short song is split into three powerful moments.

  • First moment, the innocent child lovingly looks to the sky with the curiosity of life, yet their parents can see the looming shadow.
  • Second moment, the airplanes fly overhead, the missiles land amongst them and the child learns fear, yet the child still does not understand.
  • Final moment, the soul of the child is displaced or lost forever, yet still, full of tears in their wonderment, they ask, why?

The song is kept short and beautiful, as was the life of the innocent.

The Piano used is a beautiful yet gritty and honest sound of a well used baby grand. Nothing this tragic should be perfectly refined.

Artwork For The Single

Cover Art created by Gerlinde Hasselman.

The Sunflower Child

Why I #StandWithUkraine and Why I needed to write this song.

I am not very political, but this isn’t politics, this is life for us now. The Sunflower Child’s song was born of our current events. And so, I wanted you to understand where I am coming from.

And why I was compelled to get this melody to you.

In Canada, we watch the horrors of Putin’s Russian Army forcing War on the innocent. Waging War on freedom, on democracy, on innocent people.

Mothers, children, fathers, homes, cities, and dreams lay in ruin. Pray temporary.

Canadians Stand With Ukrainians

We want and need to do more, because no matter our international agreements, you are clearly a part of us, our beliefs, our freedoms, and we clearly are part of you.

The mass murder in Hospitals, Apartments, Schools and in the streets is no longer war, I believe it has become a Genocide.

Your Ukrainian values are true and kind. I wish I could do more to eradicate the Russian army from your fruitful land, but instead, all I can do is watch the T.V. in horror, with tears, and send money to aid organizations.

Children can’t understand. Somehow, I feel their innocent, curious pain when I watch you protect their future. It’s why I had to write this song. I was truly compelled to write it.

This is a song that wouldnt leave me alone until it existed.

This song is my way of sending love to each of your children, citizens, soldiers and politicians. May you push each Russian soldier entirely from your sovereign land.

I stand with Ukraine, with Canada, with Freedom, and with Democracy. May evil die in its cold grave and push up the sunflowers of peace. For the children.

Imagine your victory as a child imagines their future. You will succeed.

YouTube Video of The Sunflower Child

The Instruments used making The Sunflower Child

Effects, Equipment, Mixing and Mastering

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88 [freaks] [frēks] Freqs (plural noun)
a.k.a. frequencies, frequenzen, frecuencias, 頻率

88 Piano Keys to make infinite music

How I define my love of composing music:

A very unusual and unexpected sound.
An artist enthusiastic about giving back.

Using the 88 Keys of my piano, I aim to give back by composing music that makes our shared time together a better experience. Music makes the world a better place because it always shares a story. I seek that creation to keep the world entertained.

From time to time, the 88freqs create simple and helpful articles. Advice that guides others to create similar music. As we learn, we share here on the blog.

The 88Freqs – Composing Music For You

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