My ‘Mostly’ Stock Software Experiment:
Double up on a stock reverb and turn a basic kick drum into a Monster Boom. IT WORKED.

Editors Note: I bought all the equipment and software myself. I am not affiliated with any companies listed below. It’s simply what I used to make a kick drum BOOM, and the links below are there to guide you.

Song: Maddy in the East Wind
Artist: 88Freqs
Album: The Gift

Quick View of my Setup:

DAW: Cubase Artist
Keyboard: Yamaha Electric Piano DGX-660

More on my setup and why I chose it in a future post.

That’s it, that’s all folks. A phat beat made with basic equipment.
I hope you love the music.

If you are interested in setting up a home studio, I wrote a few articles guide you through the beginner process. See the topic How to Compose Music with a Computer.

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