This is Article 1 in a series that explores where I began, what equipment I chose and how I create music with a computer.

I will do my best to keep these articles simple and concise. Sparing you the reading of mass content as we learn how to set up a home studio and how to compose music on a computer.

A Home Studio Beginners Guide
How to Compose Music with a Computer

List of Articles:

  1. How I began composing on a computer
  2. Learn what kind of equipment and software makes music?
  3. What speakers or headphones does a home studio need?
  4. What studio furniture makes sense?
  5. How to buy music composing tech in a world full of marketing?

Where it began?

The Problem:

Maybe you and I are similar. Here was my situation.

I found myself sitting at an electric piano, teaching my daughter to play piano. It occurred to me that I often enjoyed silently creating music in my mind. Sometimes in daytime humming, other times as I drift into sleep.

I grew up playing Piano, Drums, Guitar, Trumpet, Sax, Violin and the Recorder in grade 3 lol. So the music was always there, but without the instruments, I was rather lost to create music.

I always wanted a way to record many instruments in one song. For example, to compile a symphony one instrument at a time.

The Hypothesis:

With all the technology that exists, there must be a cost effective way to make music on my computer using my keyboard at home.

The Experiment:

Create a home studio, dedicated to one person, recording infinite instruments via keyboard and computer.

The Solution:

Research, research, research. In these articles, I tell you step by step how I built a home studio. I provide links to the videos, blogs and websites that helped me achieve my goal.

I have nothing to sell here. Just want to pay it forward by possibly helping a like minded person get their start

Here is a quick ‘shout out’ to one very important company that helped inspire me throughout. Spitfire Audio.

Where I am at so far

Below is an image of my home studio. Clean, organized and hosts hundreds of finely tuned instruments to create my next symphony or just play around making some LoFi beats.

How to compose music with a computer
Music Studio Setup

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