Electronic Press Kit – February 20, 2022
Is an EPK Overkill? Totally lol, but fun to make none the less.

It’s the beginning of my indie music presence. New music is always interesting to me. Creating “Closer to What We Missed” was a fun adventure in sound.

Have a listen. Feel the peace.

Link To the Song on All Streaming Services Here

The Songs Meaning

This song is dedicated to every one of us around the world who lived these past two years together, but apart. To all of you, with love.

Late last year, my girl said “Dada I am happier, because we are closer now to the things we that have missed”. It was so simple for a child to say, but so profound with lockdowns coming to an end.

Shortly after, I was in Las Vegas when I saw this table (the Cover Art and video) waiting for people to join in. The fire was burning, the table was set, but the chairs were empty. Empty and so incredibly full of potential, waiting for us to celebrate life as it had been, as it was always supposed to be.

I wrote this song to comfort and inspire each one of us during the last five miles of our lockdown marathon. It’s intended to sound like a mixture of emotions that many of have felt. Remembering fondly, anticipating excitedly, waiting patiently and living comfortably until we reach tomorrow.

I wish you all happiness as these different days finally come to an end.

This song is for you, now, in our time – together.

Artwork for the Single

The empty table awaits in anticipation for the gathering of friends and family.

A photo I took one evening while at work in Las Vegas. The video below is the same table.

Let’s set the table and fill it with people laughing, loving, eating, drinking, crying, feeling and living – together.

Music Categories

Chill, ambient, instrumental, relaxing, downtempo, inspirational, mellow, lofi study music.

The YouTube Video

My Personal Thoughts on the Song

This Song has elements of Nature and Symphony to feel the fond memories we have experienced. It’s Basses provide a solemn note that many of us felt through the past two years at home. It keeps a slightly interchanging beat as the song progresses to impart that we are not stuck – that change comes naturally. The violins and birdsong create the excitement of anticipation. Finally a baby grand piano breaths constant life to the song. The story of the piano describes the true love and spirit of our past, combined with the feelings we crave for togetherness. Togetherness with friends, family and all our loved ones.

A Very Big Thank You Message to Philip Glass and to Spitfire Audio Labs.

Phill Glass‘ baby grand piano has a pure soul. I love playing the keys of his piano. I grew up playing on an old baby grand, so its sound brings me fond memories.

It is an honour to play with a sound that Mr. Glass likely loved and cherished for many years. Thank you very much for recording it, and for providing it to us on Spitfire Audio LABS for free. What a gift.

Dear Mr. Glass, my hope, is that my experimentation with sound has served your lovely beloved instrument well.

The Instruments

Effects, Equipment, Mixing and Mastering

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88 [freaks] [frēks] Freqs (plural noun)
a.k.a. frequencies, frequenzen, frecuencias, 頻率

88 Piano Keys to make infinite music

How I define my love of composing music:

A very unusual and unexpected sound.
An artist enthusiastic about giving back.

Using the 88 Keys of my piano, I aim to give back by composing music that makes our shared time together a better experience. Music makes the world a better place because it always shares a story. I seek that creation to keep the world entertained.

From time to time, the 88freqs create simple and helpful articles. Advice that guides others to create similar music. As we learn, we share here on the blog.

The 88Freqs – Composing Music For You

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