How to Compose Music with a Computer, What’s a DAW?

How I got to my first purchase and other useful definitions like, What’s a DAW? or VST? see below. Start by asking a good friend who already understands something about home studio’s, “how to compose music with a computer?” In my case, that friend was Mark Loya by day, Hello Marvin by night. He gave … [Read more…]

How to Compose Music with a Computer, The Studio Monitor

Now you need speakers or a good set of headphones. But speakers are called “Studio Monitors” and headphones “Audio Mixing Headphones”. The music industry is rife with naming conventions. In these articles on how to compose music with a computer, I spit out simple terms and analogies to get you going before you head to … [Read more…]

How to Compose Music with a Computer, Building The Home Studio

Setting Up Your First Home Studio How to Plan the Purchase of Studio Furniture, considering your current tech and wish list tech toys. Most Important Note: Don’t go out and buy “studio furniture” for its category name. There are so many expensive options out there, and likely cheaper options that are more suitable to you. … [Read more…]

How to Compose Music with a Computer, Perfect Tech For You

My goal in this article is help you achieve a lifetime of tech satisfaction. Lofty goal ‘eh’. I want the home studio enthusiast to be fully satisfied with your studio, technology and environment as you compose music on your computer. Remember this: Wants and needs come easily, but rarely does true satisfaction. I want satisfaction … [Read more…]