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88 [freaks] [frēks] Freqs (plural noun)
a.k.a. frequencies, frequenzen, frecuencias, 頻率

88 Piano Keys to make infinite music

How I define my love of composing music:

A very unusual and unexpected sound.
An artist enthusiastic about giving back.

Using the 88 Keys of my piano, I aim to give back by composing music that makes our shared time together a better experience. Music makes the world a better place because it always shares a story. I seek that creation to keep the world entertained.

New Single Alert – Full Song Listen Here

The Sunflower Child.
A song dedicated to the parents and children of Ukraine.

Click here to find out more: EPK – The Sunflower Child. A New Single.

A Home Studio Beginners Guide
How to Compose Music with a Computer

From time to time, the 88freqs create simple and helpful articles. Advice that guides others to create similar music. As we learn, we share here on the blog.

List of Articles:

  1. How I began composing on a computer
  2. Learn what kind of equipment and software makes music?
  3. What speakers or headphones does a home studio need?
  4. What studio furniture makes sense?
  5. How to buy music composing tech in a world full of marketing?

If you are interested in composing music on your computer like I was, these articles were made to help you get started out.

88Freqs a Video for the song “Smooth Sailing”

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